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160g FEC TICKET(Bamboo pulp ticket)
160g FEC TICKET(Bamboo pulp ticket)

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Product ID: SP000.002.137

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Game Spare Parts is the professional supplier of Redemption Tickets in China , producing 10 billion of tickets per year.These redemption tickets are consumed by some of the biggest Amusement Centers and FEC all over the World. These redemption tickets are dispensed from redemption games at Arcades and Amusement Centers for redeeming prizes. A new series of China-made redemption tickets in White Paper for admission, raffle, food & drink purchase, redemption & amusement games and cash control.

Our expertise in the production of redemption tickets, suitable for any dispensing system, is the reason our products are preferred by more game manufacturers than any others!

The Roll and raffle ticket features with a variety of imprints and colors. Serial number printing and colored inks are available. Enhance your ticket by adding your company logo or a sponsor's logo is welcome.


Product   Intruction


Ticket material: wood pulp, bamboo pulp, white cardboard, colored paper.


1.        Wood pulp paper (toughness, good stiffness of the soft, slightly more than paper powder partial color and luster is partial and white, the color a little dark, feel is rough)



2.        Bamboo pulp paper (quite degree good, paper yellow, smoothness luster, feel is good, colour and lustre is bright beautiful)


3.        White cardboard (toughness, good stiffness of the good, no paper powder, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, the surface to shine, and colourful, reusable)       


4.        colored paper: Paper delicate, design beautiful, very high-grade. collocation all sorts of design, the price is very expensive.



Ticket Packing


1.        Unit price for 1,000,000pcs

2.        Minimum order: 1,000,000pcs also 10 box

3.        Redemption ticke size: 50.8*29mm/PC

4.        Print :one side (Front only) or double side.

5.        Paper specification: 160g FEC TICKET(Bamboo pulp ticket)

6.        Packing 2,000 tickets per pack with string tied,50packs per box

7.        Printing Style:Custom imprinting, Moulding fee is included in unit price.

8.        Customer can choose any colour paper,but if it is double mixed colours’ ticket paper,you must pay extra money.

9.        Series number can include an English letter(A-J) and 6 digits Arabic number(combined by 0-9)

10.   The packaging is also done as per customers need and 630ctns for 1*20ft.


Special features

1.        Multi-colored customized design printing available

2.        High quality dust free paper used to reduce machine maintenance

3.        Suitable for all types of dispensing systems

4.        Sequentially numbering and bar coded to deter counterfeiting



5.        Attractive stock design can be shipped the next business day
 Also Available in environment friendly paper many designs for choices

6.        Attractive stock design can be shipped the next Redemption tickets are used by Gaming industry as prize which are dispensed through the gaming machine when one wins a game-machine.

7.        When having sales promotion activities, as a gift voucher to use.



1.        The final products are put through a series of tests to judge them on a number of parameters. Only completely fit products are allowed to be dispatched for sale in the market.

2.        Enhance your strip tickets & sheet tickets by adding your company logo or a sponsor's logo.

3.        Quality products, guaranteed accurate in every detail, backed by outstanding customer service.

4.        Bar coding, security stocks, and other security features available for your strip & sheet tickets to protect your profits.



You can have your custom-printed tickets stored in our safe and secure warehouse, ready for immediate shipment when required.


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